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Kimberly Renee, LCSW

Your Transformation Guide



Coaching services can assist you where you may be stuck in your personal life or you professional life. 



Therapist in private practice, need someone they can have case consultations with. This ensures you are providing your clients with the best services possible.



It is Kim's personal opinion that everyone should have a therapist. Let her share with you why this is her belief.



Licensed Masters Social Workers who are in pursuit of their clinical license need supervision by a LCSW.  

Therapy Sessions
About Kim

Kimberly Renee Page loves, loves, loves helping others to figure out their way. There are many different approaches to aid people in reaching their goals. Kim is not a one approach fits all. She will give you what you need and if she doesn't have what you need, she will refer you to where you need to be. Kim is not about waisting your time or hers. If you are not willing to do what's needed to achieve your goals and reach the next level...she will "lovingly" fire you.


Getting Help

No matter what you issues are, you owe it to yourself to get help. You don't have to stay in the place you are now. You can move far above it. It will take you time but it is doable. Please reach out to Kim and allow her to help you. You do not have to do it alone. Kim's areas of treatment include but are not limited too:


Depression & Anxiety

Life Transitions & Coping Skills

Self-Care & Self Esteem

Women's Issues

Kim Page went above and beyond as my LCSW supervisor. She was always available for consultation, even outside of our scheduled sessions. Her demeanor and wisdom was a priceless asset to me as I completed my hours towards my LCSW. While under her supervision, she helped me find the confidence to advance in my career. She assisted me with creating a proposal for a new position within my department based on my improving clinical skills. I firmly belief my clinical skills and my confidence improved because of specific skills I learned with Kim.

 Katie Ledbetter, LCSW

Let’s Start your Journey!

Contact Kim for a free 15-minute consultation to answer any questions. 

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