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Kim is passionate about coming together with clinicians to aid in their development and expanding their clinical skills. She works with mental health professionals of all levels in the field aiding and strengthening the services they provide. Other times it may be helping a professional build the confidence that he or she needs to feel competent as a therapist. Kim may assist with case consultations or helping to develop a therapist's business. Whatever it looks like for you, Kim is ready to assist you.

Consultations will be conducted by telephone or video call.

I am truly thankful to have been able to be a part of a small intimate therapy group of professional women and to be provided a warm, inviting space to be transparent about common problems we face. Kim lead the discussions and provided us with thought provoking questions to take a deeper look at self. She was refining diamonds in the rough so that we could see our better selves when we looked in the mirror and returned to our homes. --Care-N-Concern Counseling, Nichelle Foster, MMFT


Let’s Start your Journey!

Contact Kim for a free 15-minute consultation to answer any questions. 

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