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Journaling, what's on your mind?

There’s a lot of research about what journaling does to help the brain. If you don’t believe me just Google, “Journaling and the brain”. See what you find. If you don’t currently journal I want to challenge you to start. I will post weekly topics for you to focus on   This will help you if you are new to it. I often hear, “I don’t know what to write about.” I will take this reason away from you. You don’t need a fancy journal (Although I have to admit, really cute journals help me want to write.) All you need is a legal pad or you can find cute inexpensive journals at Dollar Tree and on Amazon. You can also use journaling apps if you prefer. The research favors writing verses type. But you do what works for you and what you believe you can and will follow through with. 

This weeks topic is, “What do you want for you and your life?” This is something we don’t often put a lot of thought into. I believe that’s because we think and feel that we can’t have it or that we don’t deserve it and for that reason it will never happen. Those thoughts aren’t true. The truth is, when know you what you want and acknowledge it, you are provided with the foundation to begin the work of making it happen. The sky is the limit! What do you want?

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