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Let’s continue with our journaling

Sorry I’m late! This weeks journal topic: If this is new to you how was it last week? I’d love to hear how it went for you. This week let’s focus on moving forward on what it is that you want. I want you to look back and highlight or underline those things. Then for the first day of this week number and prioritize them. What’s most important to you? That one will be your #1. You will begin to work on that one first. After you have them in order I want you to research what you need to do to accomplish it. For example, one maybe that you want a new job. What’s does that entail? Will the new job be in the same field or a new field? If it’s changing fields does that require you going to school? Research whatever it is you want and find the needed steps you will need to take to make it happen. It there are many steps you will need to take one at a time. Do not let that overwhelm you. You have plenty of time. The difference between now and yesterday is that you are working to make us happen now. You’re one day ahead!

Now that you have the steps down of what you need to do go ahead and get started. What are the steps you have down for your #1? Start with those steps taking them one at a time. There is no hurry. Remember you are working towards what you want in your life and you are weeks ahead now. You are never behind. This is your life no one else’s. You are doing this for you and you only. This isn’t a competition it is your life. I congratulate you for doing this for you. You deserve this and all that you on your list.

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